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finally. it was good to see you again. didn't talk much though. i'll wait til next week.

posted some stuffs about love on my blogspot. a lot. haha. shall copy and paste the excerpts cos this blog is supposed to be more about love than my blogspot. i shall call this blog the theory of love (but it sounds like fad's blog)

"just read jill's blog, her questions about love. whether it has anything to do with logic and stuffs. haha. i don't know how to define love. but i know one thing about it. love can be true without being ever-lasting. as in, it is true during a certain period of time. and it may fade. even if it fades with time, it doesn't mean that it's never true. because. there is no real thing that lasts forever. forever as in forever. or is there? if there is, i don't know any yet (how about infinite number? i studied maths too much maybe). face it. your life will end one day. and no one can guarantee that there will be an afterlife (no one can prove yet that there won't be any, either) where you'll be living happily ever after. everything will come to an end, to nothingness. but that's not something you should feel really sorry about. just live the moment. the beautiful moment of love, joy, pain, despair, etc. just live it. those moments will pass (suddenly this reminds me vaguely of some concept in physics but i don't know what). but the next ones will come, definitely. and it goes on and on until the end. and when it's over... well, now i know of something that is seemingly forever. the cycle of life. haha. when you discuss about one idea (or question), another idea or a resolution, or, most of the time another set of questions will just come along. and you try to answer them, substantiating your points with your personal opinions formed by own experience or others' opinions. and this goes on and on. here it is, another thing that won't seem to end. the quest for the truth. the perceived truth, maybe. it is quite banal because the word 'truth' itself carries a connotation of being universal, absolute. yet what is absolute. everything is relative. everything can be seen from more than one perspectives. everything has its exception. or maybe there is the exception for "everything has its exception" ie there is something that is absolute? that is yet to be known by anyone. this pursuit of enlightenment is indeed a tiring process. (i sound so philosophical huh) has anyone been truly enlightened yet? because like i said, questions keep coming. that's what drives science, philosophy, and human civilisation in general."

"i realise that what i posted yesterday about love doesn't have anything to do with the questions on jill's blog haha. but yes, real love is not that pure after all. material or rational aspects often come into consideration. subconsciously or not. i mean, life is not like it was last time, right. and if you know that something won't work out, something is really unlikely to have a happy ending, why would you want to believe in that thing if you can choose not to. unless your love is that strong that pain doesn't mean anything to you. anyway, now playing: Too Much Heaven by Bee Gees. "lovin's such a beautiful feeling... nobody gets too much heaven" awwww haha.
2 hours after the celebration i got a message: "i have a question. what's the longest distance in the universe?"
i made a guess, "is it the distance between you and someone you love when you are apart and can't see each other?"
i got it wrong. not very wrong though. the answer was "the distance between a guy and a girl he likes when they are face-to-face with each other, yet (the guy) knowing that he can't ever make the girl his."
don't give up kay. there is still hope, i know for sure because i was told so. and you're not bad at all like you think! i'm glad that you learn. yes, one more thing i know about true love, any kind of love, is that it makes you learn."


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