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i guess it'll be great to stay up late like this with you. studying, talking, drinking coffee, listening to songs that we both like or songs that one of us like and the other starts to like, whatever. in a starbucks which opens 24 hours, in your place, in my place, at the beach, wherever. enjoying each other's company, talking about life, maybe. and more importantly, studying. enjoying each other's silence and presence.

sometimes you keep asking questions. but most of the time you don't remember the answers. why. do you mean what you ask. do you really wanna ask. do you really wanna talk. i don't know, i'll never know.

anyway i don't think of you in that way anymore i guess.
there are other things, other people in my mind right now. quite many, and not focused.
i hardly know myself these days. i've been so different, so hardworking (it's a good thing) and a little bit too kiasu that i started comparing myself with those people whose results have been good.

the drive is so strong that i don't need coffee to stay up this late to study.

RIP Michael Jackson. now playing: The Girl Is Mine featuring Paul McCartney. love them both!

a word which meaning is yet to be understood really well by many.
would you care to know what it means?
you seem so indifferent about many things (which upsets me sometimes, but it is you) including this.

i feel like writing some more crap about this love thingy and you. i can write a goddamn book about it, for christ's sake. haha.


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